Water Crisis in Pakistan

According to reports by the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) and the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), Pakistan will face water shortage by the year 2025 which is almost five years from now.

Pakistan water intensity rate which is the amount of water used per unit of GDP in cubic meters is also the highest. This proves that no countries economy is as water-intensive and dependent on water as is Pakistan’s.

The water crisis in Pakistan is also due to Pakistan’s inability to store water. Pakistan has only two major water reservoirs; Tarbela and Mangla Dam. But even those reservoirs reached their dead levels months ago due to sediment accumulating on their beds.

Pakistan gets around 145 million section of land feet of water each year yet can just spare 13.7 million section of land feet. Pakistan needs 40 million sections of land feet of water however 29 million sections of land feet of our floodwater is wasted in light of the fact that we have do not have proper means to save that water.

Pakistan is able to only store water for 30 days while India can store water for 190 days and the US can do it for 900 days.

In light of the water crisis, Pakistan started a fund to develop the Diamer-Bhasha Dam which it plans on constructing as soon as possible. But it also needs to create awareness about the impending water crisis and educate the people so that they use less water in their daily use of water.

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